Three Important Features Of Our ESD Workbenches

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is something that needs to be contended with by companies who use electronic technology. It is prevalent in a wide range of settings, and the correct products are needed to defeat the potential impacts of ESD for your electronics.

You may have faith in your electronics to stand up to the test of static in your workplace, but our ESD workbenches can help to remove any hint of doubt you may have. At Anti-Static ESD we are dedicated to offering support for those searching for high-quality ESD workbenches.

To help you get to grips with our ESD Worktop and how it can benefit your productivity and safety, here are three features to look out for:

  1. High static resistance: Our top-quality ESD workbench possesses anti-static resistance of 105 – 107Ω which can help to protect your electronics from damaging static. It is trusted to support sectors ranging as wide as bomb disposal, micro-electronics and pharmaceutical.
  2. Rubber top: The thick rubber top – which can be changed in size to suit your needs – allows you to create an ESD safe environment. It’s also available in two colours to suit the specific setting.
  3. Complete the set: While the ESD workbenches we provide can be adjusted for specific heights with their adjustable feet, you may want to secure the whole area, too. To help boost your whole setting, you can complement our ESD worktop and bench with a range of other elements such as our ESD Workstation Kit or ESD clothing.

We are proud to host and provide a vast array of ESD workbenches which can cater for the varying industries and sectors we supply. You can find industrial, cantilever and square tube styles to suit your needs, all of which we can provide detailed information on before you purchase them.

To discover more about our ESD workbenches and the benefits they can provide for your setup, speak with our team today.