Our Price match policy

As part of our Price Match Promise to our customers, we will match our UK key competitors’ prices prior to the purchase of your order – including voucher type discounts and other promotional offers. We aim to respond to all price match requests within 24 hours. The price match request must be accepted prior to your purchase. A voucher code will be supplied by email to be used at checkout to match the competitors price.

To ensure you get the best deal possible we do not just price match individual products. For multiple item orders, if the entire order is cheaper elsewhere, we are able to consider price matching the entire order so that you can see benefit from an overall saving.

Competitors We match:

There are many companies and individuals trying to sell things online, not all of whom are authorised retailers of the products they sell and in business long term, so we cannot monitor and match everyone. But we do try to match all of the major retailers you have heard of and many of the smaller ones you have not.

Price Match Criteria:

1.) The product is intended for delivery to the United Kingdom.

2.) The competitor’s product is identical to the one listed on AntistaticESD.co.uk.

3.) The competitor’s product is in stock at the time of the price matching.

4.) The competitor’s price is lower even after considering differences in shipping costs.

5.) If a price includes a voucher-type discount, that discount must be live, valid and visible to all site visitors at the time of the price matching.

How To obtain a price match:

    Should all the terms of the price match request be met, we will email you a voucher code that covers the difference in the two prices. You can then enter that code at checkout reducing the amount you pay for that product down to the agreed price. For more information, please contact us.