Protect Your Electronics With Our Anti Static Sprays

Dealing with static electricity can be a constant issue in your business or workplace, so finding the right solution can be essential. Large amounts of static electricity can lead to sparks, which can cause damage to important electrical equipment or even start fires.

Our anti static sprays can create a thin, invisible layer over objects & equipment that can prevent dangerous build-ups of static electricity.

A popular choice in hotels, offices & gyms, our anti static spray is a popular choice in areas with a lot of footfall & movement.

Why use anti static spray in your property

If you are working in an environment with a large number of computers or other electronic equipment, static electricity can lead to data loss or expensive electrical part replacements.

Our anti-static sprays are a convenient alternative to using anti static materials & other products. You can cover about 20 square meters of equipment or flooring with one litre of our anti-static spray.

Turn your business or workplace into a safe & static free environment with our anti-static sprays.