Why an ESD Tester Is Important

Have you ever wondered how you can test the strength of an electrostatic discharge or if the ESD products you have purchased are performing as per the specification? Being aware of the power of your equipment’s discharges can be highly enlightening. To this end, our range of ESD testing equipment could be a great investment for your business to consider. But why is investing in an ESD tester important? What benefits can ESD testing offer for your business?

What is Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Surprisingly, all too many business owners do not know what electrostatic discharge is. In short, electrostatic discharge is characterised by a sudden and otherwise unexpected surge of electricity. This flow occurs between two electrically charged objects, both of which have a differing charge (positive and negative).

What Causes Electrostatic Discharges?

Electrostatic discharge is caused usually by contact of two electrically charged objects. However, in some cases, wear and tear can also be a cause. In products that see frequent use, the breaking down of the dielectric separating the two objects (an electrical insulator used in industry to prevent electrical flow between two oppositely charged materials) can result in a sudden flow of electricity between the two objects as well. Both of these scenarios can result in electrostatic discharge, which can have numerous potential consequences.

The Dangers of Electrostatic Discharge

Electrostatic discharge can be dangerous for a number of different reasons. In electrical systems that do not have high electricity requirements, ESD may only cause a minor inconvenience for your workers. However, electrical items which use more electricity can have a bigger impact.

They can injure your workers, especially in the case of strong discharges. Think of it this way: lightning is an incredibly dramatic example of electrostatic discharge—suddenly, you can probably picture how even a small discharge can be problematic for your workers. Additionally, electrostatic discharges can also damage surrounding electrical equipment and can even result in fires breaking out within your property.

As such, the dangers of electrostatic discharge cannot be stressed highly enough. Even the thought of such dangers can be damaging to your products and for worker morale. This, in turn, will lead to reduced worker productivity and affordability.

As such, from both a business and a moral perspective, investing in anti static products clearly can be beneficial. In addition to this, where possible, incorporating ESD testing can also help to keep your workers safe and happy in the workplace. This will result in better business profits and happier staff. It’s really a win-win situation!

How can ESD Test Equipment Help?

If you are concerned about electrostatic discharge in your company, ESD test equipment can be highly beneficial. But why is this? How can an ESD tester help your business?

There are a number of ways in which an ESD tester can be of use. Here at Anti-Static ESD, we offer a wide range of different testers, all of which are designed to help you monitor and upkeep your anti static equipment in order to keep it in top working order.

One such piece of ESD test equipment that you should invest in is an ESD surface resistance meter. As standard, ESD equipment should provide an ample level of resistance against electrostatic discharge. This figure will vary based on the specific product. However, the level of surface resistance offered by a product will fall over time, often due to inadequate cleaning. For example, it would be beneficial to use an ESD surface resistance meter when testing your anti static mat. Alternatively, you may be looking to perform an ESD surface resistance test on ESD floor tiles or ESD floor mats you have purchased from us. Clearly, in these cases, using an ESD tester to take note of the surface resistance is an important consideration. We have a selection of products on our website, each of which is suited to a specific piece of anti static equipment, so you won’t ever have to worry about the efficacy of your kit again.

If you are using ESD wrist straps and ESD cords in your workplace, then we highly recommend purchase our ESD wrist strap and ESD footwear tester. Operators are easily able to check if the ESD wrist strap and ESD cord they are wearing is working and properly fastened prior to undertaking any work or handling any static sensitive equipment. Wrist strap and bench continuous constant monitors are also available to ensure any breakages do not happen during use, with an audible alarm and LED indicator indicating a breakage almost instantly.

But that’s not all. We also offer other products, designed to monitor static charge. Static charge is a big problem in terms of electrostatic discharge. Clearly, then, minimising the amount of static in your workplace will be of benefit. In order to achieve these goals, though, you first need to identify areas where static has accumulated so that you can give them an adequate clean with our anti static cleaning products. Our static field meter will help you with this.

Our electrostatic field meter is a wonderful piece of kit for anyone worried about electrostatic discharge. The sensor allows users to easily locate risk areas where electrostatic discharge could be likely. In turn, this information can then be used to adequately kit out the area with protective anti static products  and equipment so that the dangers of electrostatic discharge are lowered.

Why Choose Our ESD Testing Equipment?

So, you think an ESD tester could be right for you. But why should you buy our ESD tester products?

Choosing ESD test equipment doesn’t need to be hard. In fact, we have a whole section on our website dedicated to ESD testers. Each product is carefully reviewed so that you can choose the perfect product for your business.

Here at Anti-Static ESD, we are proud to be one of Europe’s leading suppliers of anti static and ESD protection products. We offer a wide range, all of which are made to the highest of standards.