Benefits and Differences Between Anti Static Spray and Anti Static Cleaner

Purchasing a bottle of anti static spray or anti static cleaner such as our anti static floor cleaner could be quite fruitful for your business. Especially if your business has invested in anti static products, such as one of our very own ESD mats or ESD workbenches, then you may be wondering how to keep these clean and effective. Indeed, anti static products cannot be cleaned in a similar manner to standard items. Doing so will often cause them to lose their strength and efficacy. Instead, you should always try to use a specialist anti static spray or anti static cleaner. Using these will help to keep your ESD equipment in top working order. But why is this, and what benefits can these different products offer for you?

What are Anti Static Cleaners?

Anti static cleaners are specialist cleaning products such as our ESD mat and table top cleaner or ESD floor cleaner that can typically be used on hard and waterproof surfaces. They are useful thanks to their ability to remove static from an anti static surface. This makes them useful for products such as our range of anti static worktops and mats.

If your business uses anti static products, you should definitely invest in anti static cleaners as well. Their ability to clean off anti static surfaces is important, of course. However, their primary use is arguably to make sure that worktops and surfaces are free of residual static charge.

A lot of businesses which have large numbers of anti static products in their working environment do not understand the importance of using anti static cleaners for their surfaces. However, failing to use these cleaners can actually have serious consequences. One such issue that can be raised is the fact that normal cleaners will not be as effective for cleaning anti static work surfaces as our specialist range of products, and so this can impact on the effectiveness of your ESD products.

Benefits of Anti Static Cleaners

Anti static cleaners offer a number of benefits. Indeed, these can make them highly important cleaning products for businesses which own ESD products.

For one thing, using anti static cleaners is essential for worker hygiene. All surfaces need cleaning on a regular basis to prevent the buildup of bacteria. Using our anti static cleaners will help you to achieve this, so that your workers don’t risk falling ill regularly.

In addition to this, anti static cleaners will preserve your investments’ ESD properties. Regular cleaners cannot remove static from the surface of your anti static equipment. Anti static cleaners, however, can do exactly this. As such, cleaning ESD equipment with an anti static cleaner is evidently important.

Here at Anti Static ESD, we understand how hard it can be to keep all of your ESD equipment clean. As such, we offer a variety of different products as part of our anti static cleaning range. From specialised floor and mat cleaners to table top cleaners, we can help!

What is an Anti Static Spray?

Though the names are similar, an anti static cleaner and anti static spray is actually very different. Understanding these differences is essential if you are to make the right purchase.

Anti static sprays are specially designed products that work to create a “temporary” anti static product. In other words, when used, they give normal surfaces the same effect as an ESD surface. They work by coating the surface of these workspaces and floors, thereby giving them anti static properties and so protecting your workers from harm.

Anti static sprays evidently differ quite considerably to anti static cleaners. Instead of helping to keep ESD items clean, they actually serve to make “temporary” ESD products.

This makes a bottles of anti static spray especially useful for businesses that are not in a position to invest in large amounts of anti static flooring and work surfaces for their workers protection. Some businesses, for example, will only need ESD protection on a short term basis—for example, if they have recently hired a large amount of new equipment. Alternatively, some businesses simply won’t have the capital to invest in a whole range of anti static products. Anti static spray can be a great compromise on cost and safety for these businesses.

Benefits of Anti Static Sprays

The best products for protecting your workers from anti static shock are invariably anti static equipment. However, anti static sprays can also be a viable alternative.

Though not as effective and only a temporary solution, anti static sprays have a number of benefits. They can be applied to equipment which doesn’t come as standard in an ESD form. This can make them especially useful for businesses with niche equipment.

Moreover, anti static spray can also help to cut the cost of investment. After all, not all businesses have the funds reserved to invest in a full range of anti static equipment. So, for these cases, giving your existing equipment a spray with a specialist anti static spray could be a good compromise. Alternatively, if your workers do not need ESD protection on an ongoing basis—perhaps because you have hired a new set of equipment on a temporary basis—then temporary anti static effects could also be adequate to protect your workers and facilities.

Buying Anti Static Spray and Anti Static Cleaner

Here at Anti-Static ESD, we have a wide range of different anti static cleaners and anti static sprays. Whatever you are looking for, we can surely help! So, don’t delay—check our product range here to see how we can help you.