Benefits of ESD Flooring

Anti static products come in a wide variety of different designs, shapes, and functions. One such type of anti static product that you may want to consider investing in for your workers is ESD flooring; these products are designed exclusively to keep your workers safe from the dangers of electrostatic discharge, especially when used alongside other anti static equipment. But what are the benefits of ESD flooring, and could anti static flooring products be right for your business?

What is Anti Static Flooring?

Anti static flooring is a type of specialist product that is designed to help shield and protect your workers from the dangers associated with electrostatic discharge. An anti static floor, also known as an ESD floor is commonly used by businesses which operate with a large amount of electrical equipment, as these workers are the most at risk of experiencing the painful effects of electrostatic discharge in the workplace.

Anti static flooring is just one of many different products that are available to help businesses protect their workers. For example, an ESD floor is typically complimented with an ESD Workbench, ESD Voorzitter and operators wearing ESD-kleding alongside ESD-schoenen. Flooring products can further come in a range of styles, and we at Anti Static ESD are proud to be able to offer one of the most generous ranges. Whether you are looking for an ESD Floor Mat, anti static floor tiles or ESD floor tiles, we have you covered. Our ESD flooring solutions are designed for European customers in mind, all of which are made to the highest possible standard and with top materials and components.

Anti static flooring works to help earth out your workers, in the event of an electrostatic shock taking place. So long as the workers are connected to the mat by their feet, they will be provided with a degree of protection against discharges. This is thanks to the anti static and static dissipative natures of the flooring products; simply put, the flooring acts as a sort of conduit to allow discharges to be “rerouted” to a determined point (the ESD flooring, as opposed to your workers’ bodies and surrounding electrical equipment as well. This EPA flooring is also ideal for other applications such as computer flooring or anti static flooring for server rooms. If you have a large area to cover, our ESD tiles can be used firstly to complete your computer floor and then server can be placed on top. Alternatively if you are looking to just cover a small area, then you may want to consider purchasing an anti static floor mat. Whichever EPA flooring / ESD flooring option you opt for, we are on hand to provide you our advice and provide the most suitable ESD flooring solution.

Anti static flooring can be used both in standard working environments and in strictly controlled ESD Protected Areas, as part of a collection of anti static products. Since our ESD flooring products are highly conductive or dissipative, unlike ‘generic’ flooring solutions such as glass, plastic or wood which are known to be strong insulators against electrical charges, they are able to provide your workers and surrounding equipment with a good level of protection. ESD Floor tiles are also a great alternative to ESD floor paint as very little maintenance is required, saving you time and money in worrying about breakages in the ESD floor paint that may occur or the down time in stopping production to paint the floor. The interlocking 7mm ESD floor tiles we provide are also hard wearing and suitable for forklift traffic. If you damage a tile, you would simply need to lift the tile up and replace it. Eliminating the downtime associated with the ESD floor paint alternative.

What are the Benefits of ESD Flooring?

ESD flooring offers a number of benefits over other types of ESD products, making it a popular choice for business owners to include in their workplaces. ESD flooring connects all standing workers to the floor, thereby meaning that they are effectively grounded at all times when they are standing; however, it should be noted that workers who sit with their feet off of the ground will not be provided with the same level of protection. This means that anti static flooring and ESD floor tiles are most suitable for use in standing environments or alongside ESD Chairs or ESD Stools.

Are ESD Floor Tiles Right for my Business?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider investing in ESD floor tiles. Indeed, floor tiles—especially interlocking ones, such as the ones we offer at Anti Static ESD—are easy to use and easy to maintain as well. They work to help ground your workers so as to protect them from electrostatic discharge, which is hugely important in the electronics industry in particular. As such, if your business often has workers spending long periods of time standing or walking around, ESD floor tiles could be right for your business. Furthermore, if your business has dedicated ESD Protected Areas, ESD floor tiles are an essential component. If you are looking for computer flooring or anti static flooring for server room, then our EPA flooring products are the perfect solution. Our interlocking ESD floor tiles once grounded using the earthing kit will dissipate static, alternatively on request we have anti static floor tiles available which will ensure the tiles do not generate static.

Finding Anti Static Flooring Products

Here at Anti Static ESD, we pride ourselves on offering a range of products that are ideal for industrial and commercial use. We understand the importance of easy to use and maintain products, and this ideology is applied during every design process to ensure that our stock is right for your business’ needs.

We offer both ESD-vloertegels en ESD-vloermatten. Our heavy duty anti static floor tiles are designed to be interlocking and easily movable with a forklift for ease of moving. In addition to this, they also come with a selection of additional products to make your workplace as safe as possible, including grounding kits and ramps. These anti static floor tiles make it easy to apply ESD flooring to your business’ workplace and it is this ease of use that has made our tiles some of the most widely used in the industry.

As well as offering standard anti static floor tiles, we also offer specialist anti fatigue ESD floor tiles. These interlocking tiles and anti static floor mats come in multiple different sizes, depending on your preferences and requirements. Moreover, they also help to reduce problems associated with circulation issues and fatigue, which are sometimes reported by workers spending large periods of time on lesser matting solutions.

Whatever you need, our team at Anti Static ESD can help. We are the home of top quality ESD products and, as one of Europe’s leading anti static suppliers of ESD products, you can be confident of great value and quality product when you choose to buy through us. Did you know we also offer an ESD flooring installation service? Simply contact us for a competitive quotation.