ESD Chairs, ESD Fabric Chairs & ESD Vinyl Chairs

An ESD chair or multiple ESD chairs are an important aspect of any ESD protected area where personnel are expected to work. The chair helps to prevent the worker from experiencing electrostatic shocks when they are sat down, and subsequently not grounded through the ESD mat. Moreover, the ESD chair is also useful thanks to its ability to prevent your workers’ bodies from generating charge, which could put them at further risk.

It is important to note ESD chairs or also known as anti static chairs, can come in a an array of specifications. At AntistaticESD, we sell a variety of chairs. Whether you are looking to purchase Standard Fabric ESD chairsStandard Vinyl ESD chairs, Ergonomic Fabric ESD Chairs, Extra Comfort Ergonomic Fabric ESD Chairs of Extra Comfort Ergonomic Vinyl ESD Chairs we have you covered. We also sell ESD chairs with armrest and chairs with different height adjustments to suit your varying bench heights. With our range of anti static products, we have also included ESD stools and ESD sit stand stools which can help with posture.

Evidently, an ESD chair is an essential part of any good EPA. However, there is no point in buying anything but the highest quality ESD chairs for your business. Luckily, we at Anti Static ESD are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of quality ESD products, so you don’t need to worry about quality; buy from the best European team today and see how we can help you create the ideal ESD protected area for your workers.

Why should you use an ESD chair in an ESD Protected Area

One goal for an ESD protected area is to use an ESD chair or multiple ESD Chairs. An ESD protected area could be a great way for you to ensure that you are following the rules and keeping you, your business and your equipment safe from the dangers of electrostatic discharges. Therefore, an ESD chair, ESD stool or ESD saddle stool is a highly important goal in maintaining an ESD protected area.

How can ESD Chairs and ESD Products Help?

An ESD chair, as well as other types of anti static equipment, is an important part of any ESD protected area. But why is this? What is the importance of ESD chairs in this situation?

ESD chairs are useful pieces of equipment for use within an EPA, thanks to their anti static effects. ESD chairs work by acting as a grounding item, thereby connecting a worker with the floor; this is beneficial over standard ESD-matten, as ESD floor mats or ESD floor tiles are only effective when the person has their feet on the floor.

By contrast, when a worker is sat at an ESD chair with their feet off of the floor, the chair will still be able to ground them to prevent shocks. This helps to ensure that the worker won’t be at risk of getting hurt by an electrostatic discharge in the time that it takes to stand.

There is also a further benefit of ESD chairs that makes them important in an ESD protected area, and this is in relation to workers’ own charge. When a worker is sat in an ESD chair, the chair will prevent their body from generating charge; this provides further protection to the worker and helps to keep them safe from the risks of electro static discharge.

For an ESD Chair, what are ESD Protected Areas?

When considering ESD chairs, it is important to know what an EPA is. ESD protected areas are those spaces in a business which all of the contents of the space are maintained at the same electrical potential. In short, this means that only those materials which can be grounded, and which have an electrical resistance level of 109 ohms or lower, are suitable for use on surfaces and as part of the manufacturing process.

In these areas, it is imperative (as of the CLC/TR 61340-5-2:2008 user guide) that effective and working EPA control measures are implemented; as part of this, equipment such as anti static chairs and mats are highly important.

Why an ESD Chair When Considering ESD Protected Area Guidelines

As per the guide, “An ESD protected area (EPA) is an area that is equipped with the static control items required to minimize the chance of damaging Electrostatic sensitive devices. In the broad sense, a protected area is capable of controlling static electricity on all items that enter that work area.” This clearly details the importance of maintaining the electrical potential of all items and individuals that are working in the ESD protected area.

The guide also draws attention to the fact that individuals working inside the confines of the area must also be managed carefully (“Personnel and other conductive or dissipative items shall be electrically bonded together and connected to ground (or a common connection point when a ground is not available) to equalize electrical potential among the items.”)

In order to establish an EPA, the following two points must be adhered to:

● All potential conductors in the area must be grounded, including personnel working in the protected area and the equipment that they are using.

● All insulators must be removed from the protected area, or existing insulators that cannot be removed from the area must be neutralised by an air ioniser.

The above two points are important in regards to ensuring the safety and efficacy of the ESD protected area. The protected area exists to prevent damage from occurring to the electrical components and personnel working inside the protected zone. Since electrostatic discharge can be so potentially dangerous for people working around affected equipment. A lot of the time, the effects of electrostatic discharge may not be noticeable by a simple quality control inspection—and this means that electrostatic discharge can pose a great risk to people who are working on or with equipment that could be at risk, if not provided with adequate protection such as the effective use of an ESD Chair.