Why You Should Wear ESD Clothing

Have you ever considered offering your workers with anti static ESD clothing? Electrostatic discharge can be a big problem, especially in industries which rely on large amounts of equipment. Luckily, though, electrostatic discharge can be controlled and managed through the use of anti static products. One such option is anti static clothing. But why should your workers wear ESD clothing, and what types of anti static clothes are available for you to purchase to keep your workers safe?

The Benefits of Anti Static Clothing

Anti static clothing offers numerous different benefits for an employer. This is especially true for businesses which require their workers to use a large amount of equipment, where the risks associated with electostatic discharge are greater. It can be used alone, but for the greatest level of protection anti static clothing should be used alongside other types of ESD-producten —for example, with ESD-matten of ESD-stoelen.

Anti static clothes come with many benefits, which can help an employer understand why they should invest in ESD clothing for their employees. But what are these benefits, and could they be relevant to you in your industry?

How ESD Clothing Could Help Your Employees

Keeping your employees safe and protected is imperative for any employer, from both a morality and a business profitability perspective. Comfortable and safe workers are happier, and this will also improve their morale and productivity. Providing them with safety equipment to protect them from the dangers of electrostatic discharge can be hugely beneficial in regards to this.

Unlike normal clothing, which is made from materials which cannot protect against electrostatic discharge, ESD clothing is made with specialist materials or fibers. Generally speaking, depending on the ESD garment you choose to purchase, ESD garments will be made with a plethora of connective fibers that help to redirect electrostatic discharge away from the worker’s skin and instead connect to the ground, thereby earthing out the clothing and the worker; this protects against the negative effects of getting shocked by a discharge. Moreover, since a lot of ESD clothing and gear is worn in areas which handle food products and the like, they are also designed to be both comfortable for workers to wear while also hygienic.

What Anti Static Clothing is Available?

If you think that you want to invest in anti static clothing for your business, then it is important that you understand the options available to you. We offer three primary designs for our ESD clothing, all of which are designed to help protect your workers from electrostatic discharge: our range includes ESD poloshirts, ESD T-shirts, ESD labjassen en ESD lab coats. Why not try them out?