ESD Chairs

Anti-Static ESD pride ourselves on being the home of Anti-static ESD products. We have a wide variety of different products available for your workplace, including that of ESD safety shoes, interlocking ESD mats, as well as a wide range of ESD chairs.

These products all operate within a machine filled workplace, and compensate for static on both the surfaces as well as on the floor. By having this correct safety equipment, accidents can be avoided and work can be kept up to the correct pace.

ESD Chairs in the Workplace

With Anti-Static ESD you can choose from a variety of anti-static ESD Chairs and stools, these not only allow you to take the weight off your feet, but give you a comfortable place to work and set up around within your workplace.

This ergonomic seating will allow you to take breaks whilst remaining within the static workplace. This Ergonomic Sit-stand posture stool, allows you to adjust the tilt of the seat as well as the height of the chair itself. Remain comfortable with this necessary part of the workplace.

To find out more about either the ESD Chairs we have available, simply get in contact by giving us a ring on the number: 0844 357 8787.
Or alternatively, fill out the provided form on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.