Here at Anti-Static ESD, we take a proactive approach to electrostatic discharge protection by providing ESD training courses and ESD audit services designed to teach your staff how to keep themselves safe. This is in addition to the huge range of ESD protection products we offer.

ESD Audits

If you are not from an ESD background, you might struggle to decide which ESD products are suitable for a new area or if your current ESD procedures are good enough. Luckily, our ESD auditors can help you! We can audit your workspace and see if your current ESD procedures work well. We will carry out ESD testing to analyse areas that can be improved on. This will help you to ensure that your ESD plans are practical and reliable. Afterwards we can provide a quotation based on the audit report with products we suggest for your new or existing ESD Protected Area. In-house installation options can also be provided on request.

ESD Training

Training your staff is imperative for ESD safety. Indeed, providing your workers with ESD products is only partially useful for protection, if they do not know how to make use of it. As such, our ESD training courses could be perfect for giving your workers the skills that they need to stay safe.

We incorporate a number of important factors into our ESD training courses. Run by our own team of ESD auditors, you can be confident of a highly informative session! This will ensure that your workers are prepared and confident for working in an ESD risk zone.

To request a quotation for us to undertake an ESD audit or provide ESD training, please fill in the form below. Alternatively, call us on: 0121 3395 150

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    What are ESD Training Courses & ESD Audit Services

    Electrostatic discharge can be incredibly dangerous. Fortunately, though, our ESD training courses can help you and your staff negate the risks. Indeed, learning about all the different ESD procedures can vastly help you and your workers protect yourself against the risks of electrostatic discharge.

    Our ESD training courses and ESD audit plans are designed to help you and your workers optimise the working environment for ESD protection.

    Here at Anti-Static ESD, we have a large number of ESD products available. All of these different products have unique benefits and drawbacks, and understanding these is essential if you are to make use of them to the best possible level. After all, when you invest in anti static products, you want to make sure that they are protecting your workers and facilities.