Trust In Our Anti Static Workwear For Your Business

For your staff to complete their role to the highest quality and safety, they will need to have all the right equipment. This is the first step to ensuring you get the results you need, but it is something that needs a lot of thought.

When it comes to working around electronics or any workplace that creates electrostatic discharge (ESD) you will have to find products that do not generate more static but help to dissipate it.  

At Anti-Static ESD we have become a leading provider of help and support for businesses working around ESD. One element that needs to be secured for all staff working around static is their workwear. It’s an area many forget, but it can cause many issues if it is not correctly considered.

What anti-static workwear do my team need?

You will want to ensure a couple of things when you buy new anti-static workwear, including:

  1. What type of work is being carried out each day?
  2. What level of ESD is found at each individual’s workstation?
  3. Do they need formal or casual anti-static workwear?

Our extensive online selection of anti-static workwear will give you the best chance of finding workwear for your staff that will improve their productivity at work.

No matter if you’re looking for shirts and lab jackets through to shoes and caps, our team at Anti-Static ESD can help you.

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