Invest In Our Anti-Static Cleaning and Coating Spray

To keep ESD workstations, electronic assemblies and protected areas clean and prime for work, they must be cleaned regularly.

At Anti-Static ESD our online store is packed full of all the cleaning products you need to successfully clean surfaces, assemblies, flooring and more.

We have a range of products which are suited to the needs of ESD workplaces. From anti-static cleaning sprays through to table-top cleaners and heavy-duty sprays, we are a leading destination for companies looking to secure top-quality products.

Why choose our anti-static cleaning sprays and products?

Our online store is perfect for maintaining a safe and professional setting every day. We have top-of-the-range cleaning products from Elimistat which can help to support your evolving needs.

Elimistat’s General Anti-Static Spray is quick to dry and will create an invisible barrier over any surface to halt the build up of static.

The Anti-Static spray that we offer at Anti-Static ESD is great for non-porous materials, but we also have an array of other cleaning items to support your workplace.

Whether you need something for regular protection and cleaning, or you want a cleaning item suitable for your specific setting, our range can help to eliminate any static issues.

To find out more about our anti-static cleaning sprays, get in contact with us today.